Key chains, sure!

We had an inquiry if we sell key chains from the contact the website form today. The answer is yes, like most things we carry, they are not on the online store here because they are too small/inexpensive to sell just one of because the shipping would be more than the item.  However, if you'd like one, we can figure the price for shipping and you can choose to buy it.  Just give us a call!

Also, we are way overdue for a walk through video in the store!

Pewter License Plate Back In Stock

Pewter License Plate Back In Stock

Feb 16 - They're BACK!

May 10 - SOLD OUT, but they were ordered at the end of March but not shipping until June! I promise we'll double our order & order them again when they arrive!

Call us to be put on the waiting list, we'll call you when they're in!  (302) 674-1787

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Pewter License Plates - NOT YET - dang it!

Waiting - we don't like to wait! But we placed our order BEFORE we ran out and there was a breakdown at the foundry, but we know they are on their way SOON!

Please leave a comment and we'll get in touch with you when they arrive!