Happy Fourth! Postcard giveaway!

Let's be patriotic!

How about a free postcard?!  Jan is giving away this patriotic couple from the 19th century that is a Delaware Store postcard.  This offer is good through Sunday, July 6, 2014,  The weather might be iffy Friday, but we'll be here 10-4 on Saturday and 12-4 on Sunday!

We have made in USA flags in 3 sizes; Betsy Ross, US 50 star flags & the real colors of the Delaware state flag!  Show your pride!

 Have a fun & safe holiday, everyone!

Facebook old & new

There are 603 followers of Delaware Made (which no longer exists, but the Facebook page remains active) and not nearly that many followers of the Delaware Store.  Tom posts daily to both pages, unique to each page, and people give him all sorts of wonderful feedback.  I'd really like to build on this!

We will be removing the Delaware Made page someday, how soon, not sure.  In the meantime, I will be banging the drum to get as many of his active readers to read the Delaware Store, too.  Before they are LEFT BEHIND, oh, my NO!!!!!!

All's Quiet on the Green

With a chill wind but sunny skies, the Green was a lovely place today!

BUT where were the people?

I made good use of my time in the studio by giving the website a new look!  Tomorrow, I will start taking lots of pictures to put online in cyber store!

(this picture was actually from last fall, but now that Tom has put out the new planters filled with spring annuals, I need to take a new picture!)

We are almost ready for Dover Days!


New Road Signs Today

Sitting at my desk, working on photo exposures and suddenly I heard jack hammering!  The city people were replacing our street signs with new 'improved' ones.  Unfortunately, we loved our vintage One Way sign.  However, it was hard for newcomers to see and sometime people drive the wrong way on the Green.  So, it's a choice - safety or nostalgia?  The sign guys were very nice and said that the old one-way signs would be preserved.